Photo Booth Hire Melbourne – Entertain Your Guests at Your Wedding or Party

Photo Booth Hire Melbourne – Weddings, Parties and Special Events

Arranging a special celebration like a wedding can be fun but exhausting. But what is a celebration without photos? That’s where a Photo Booth Hire Melbourne from 123 Photobooth comes in. Photos are essential for beautiful memories of a wedding. For that reason, to hire a photobooth for a wedding is the perfect choice. Most people opt for this idea as a photobooth comes with many features that can entertain the guests and it is portable and can be hired at a modest price.

Why are Photo Booths so Popular?

Whether it is a wedding, reception, birthday party, business event or any other event, it is necessary to keep the guests entertained and happy. Manually taking photos of every person is time-consuming. When you hire a photobooth for a wedding or party your guests can organise their own photos. Additionally, they can also use various fun props and  take unlimited snaps in different styles and poses. Years later when you look back at  these amusing images, you will recall all those precious moments and appreciate them.

However, as much as people would love to hire a photobooth some people hesitate as they think its too expensive. No need to be concerned about the price because  getting a cheap photobooth in Melbourne is easy to do. By choosing a professional and acclaimed photobooth company, you can get a premium quality photobooth at an excellent rate. Although there are a number of photobooth companies available in Melbourne, you should choose a reputable and reliable company.

Before you Hire a Photobooth For a Wedding, ask the company about the quality of the pictures, features, the equipment they use and the price. These all are factors which will help you select the photobooth company with the highest-quality services at the best price.

123Photobooth is a renowned and reliable company offering excellent services if you are looking to hire a photo booth for a wedding. 123 Photobooth offers first-rate services for weddings and parties at competitive prices. The photobooths offered by 123 Photobooth are spacious enough to hold a group of people. Plus we provide free props to add to the fun and entertainment.

Call 123 Photobooth, photo booth hire Melbourne specialists, before you hire a photobooth for your  wedding or party and ask about our excellent rates and features.

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Where to Get a Cheap Photo Booth Melbourne Wide With Fabulous Features?

If you’re wondering where to get a cheap photo booth Melbourne wide, read on. Getting the highest-quality photo booth is easy, but getting it at very affordable price can be difficult. If you are looking for a photo booth with amazing features for your wedding, reception or any other special event, without paying  too much, then do your research before making a decision.

People think that cheap means low in quality. If you think that, think again. You can get fantastic features and excellent service at a reasonable price without blowing your budget.

Cheap Photo booth Hire Melbourne

As this concept permits the guests to click lots of photos it must contain the best quality features and services. But you also have to consider your budget. If you’ve fixed your budget, then you won’t have trouble in selecting a company.

Often, companies charge high for offering quality features and services.  That doesn’t mean all companies are same in price and services. There are many companies that offer a cheap photo booth Melbourne wide with extra features and great services. You should search for these companies whenever you want to hire a photobooth for a wedding or party. The usual services you can get from a photo booth company include:

  1. Unlimited photos andget instant prints
  2. Options for colour photo strips like black and white
  3. A box of fun props at no extra charge
  4. Free custom logo of with yourname or event on the photo
  5. Your pictures will be uploaded  Facebook, Google+, etc.
  6. A copyright DVD with high-resolution images

You can also get additional services from a professional company. It’s not difficult to get a cheap photo booth Melbourne wide with outstanding services and features if you shop around.

Where to Get a Cheap Photo Booth Melbourne

So next time you are wondering where to get cheap photo booth Melbourne wide, call 123 Photo Booth. 123photobooth is a reputable and credible company in Australia offering cheap photo booth hire in Melbourne with splendid features and services. 123 photobooth have provided services for more than 100 weddings, engagement and other parties. Check out our different packages and choose the one that is right for you.

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Hire Photo Booth Melbourne Pavilion

Hire Photo Booth Melbourne provided it’s services at one of Victoria’s newest and most unique event destinations, Melbourne Pavilion. Set in an inner city heritage listed building, you will find a stunning combination of new contemporary design and existing old world charm. Crystal chandeliers set the mood with contemporary décor making this a truly remarkable venue for your special occasion.


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123 PhotoBooth at Gum Gully Farm – Party Photobooth Hire

123 PhotoBooth Party Photobooth Hire at Gum Gully Farm, Silvan

123 Photobooth Party Photobooth Hire set up at Gum Gully Farm. For all of your Party Photobooth Hire needs contact 123 photobooth for the best equipment at competitive prices

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Melbourne Photo Booth Hire for Weddings and Parties

The trend of Melbourne photo booth hire for weddings and parties is very common these days. There are several businesses in market which offer the Photo Booths on rental (also known as Automated Vending Machines or Modern Kiosks). Photo Booth is an automated vending machine, containing camera and film processor. Earlier these coin-operated machines did not deliver digital prints, but today most of them are digital. Most of the photo booths are used for the passport sized photos. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s instant. You don’t need a photographer because it’s totally automated. Now days there are new Photo Sticker Booths in the market, which are most popular in Japan and also been imported to Australia. These booths have the specialty of producing photo stickers.

On rental you can easily Hire Cheap Photo Booth in Melbourne for corporate events, birthday parties or during other occasions. Though most of the companies from which you hire the machine send an attendant for assistance; the functions of the machine are very simple and easy to understand. After insertion of money in machine, those who want their photo can enter inside the booth and get the set number of photographs, as per their choice. Earlier the trend of Melbourne Photo Booth Hire e was not so popular, but with increasing demands; especially for weddings, it has now become a common practice. There are also various other options included with the features of this machine.  You can alter the lighting settings or backdrops , you can have a blue screen background and can also get the photographs from various different angles. However, these additional features are only available in the latest version machines.

Some companies offer later version machines, some companies provide an attendant, andsome companies offer the machines only. The benefits of photo booths is that you don’t need anyone to take your shots. It’s all automated. Another benefit is that you no longer need to hire a photographer to take photos of your guests . Now, it’s easy! You simply hire a photo booth!  They have option to enter alone or in group with friends and relatives. The machine will process and print the photographs straight away.

If you have any questions, contact 123 Photobooth to discuss your requirements. 123 Photobooth has years of experience in Melbourne Photo Booth Hire  for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events and Functions.

Melbourne Photo Booth Hire

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Capturing Those Precious Moments in Life – 123 PhotoBooth Melbourne

Nothing can be compared with lost moments of life. While people live their lives in present, they remember that same life in future, and while memorizing they imagine “How nice it would be, if past was back?” The past may not come back, but it can be frozen; by hiring 123  Photo Booths Melbourne. Traditional photography has some disadvantages.  Sometimes the moment passes away before we capture it. But with the Photo Booths Melbourne by 123 Photobooth, you don’t need to wait for a photographer. Apart from this, at any time of your choice, you may click your picture by entering into the Photo Booth. Everything is completely automated.

Wedding Ceremonies and Corporate Functions; are the two main events that are popular to hire a photo booth. Most of the Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne during the wedding takes place at 123 Photo Booth; located at Mount Waverly, Victoria in Australia. Current generation humans get bored standing like a statue in front of a photographer. They face trouble when they have to hold their smiles and expressions, till the photographer doesn’t click. Apart from this, if it’s about group photography; the photographer also has to face many problems. With the help of photo booths these problems can easily be solved. That’s one of the greatest reasons why people prefer Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne at Wedding. Some of the advantages of capturing a photo through a vending machine are; it’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s comfortable and it maintains privacy.

Some people have a misperception that hiring such a large machine would be too costly for them, and they may go out of their budget. Well! That’s not right. There may be some companies which overcharge their customers. But along with are; several genuine and reputed companies also, which rents the photo booth machines at a very reasonable and affordable price. Not to misunderstand; ‘Cheap Photo Booth in Melbourne’ means ‘Inexpensive Photo Booths in Melbourne’. Some people misunderstand the word ‘cheap’ by linking it with quality of product. This is just for your clarity and ease of understanding. Out of several benefits of a photo booth machine, one of the benefits includes its quality. The pictures delivered by these modern kiosks are in HD Quality. In some machines, you also have the option of video recording. The machines have in-built feature of sharing your images and videos on reputed social media platforms.

However, before hiring a photo booth; you must ensure that the machine has all those features which you are looking for. Some companies deliver old versions of machines that do not have enough features and automated functionalities. For a perfect idea of difference between variety of machines available for rent, you may dial the King of Photography Industry i.e. 123 Photo Booth. The leading professionals of photography field shall assist you with all your queries, and also guide you with suggestions of best photography ideas. The company delivers Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne Weddings, for Birthday Parties, for Corporate Functions and for Many Other Events.

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